In our SF Bay Area, we have an amazing Media Support Group, no matter who we ask to help put the word out about The Robby Fund, they ALL seem to be willing to help:

95.3 KRTY where it all began, the concept to creating a Bay Area Foundation to Support Children and their families suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Gary Scott Thomas, the morning DJ and friend for over 15 years, asked "What is your New Years Resolution?" At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to help Children,like my Brother Robby. I wanted to do something specifically for the Children in the Bay Area and thanks to Gary,I now have a Goal and wont stop until it is reached.Asked if KRTY could help and they instantly donated a Raffle Item for The Robby Fund, offered to put the Event on Their OnLine Calendar amongst other Donations, I am truly grateful!

107.7 The Bone I have known Lamont,Tonelli and Sully for over 15 years as well, so calling them for support was almost like instinct! Spoke to Andrea and she didnt even hesitate.Emailed me the  Raffle Items Donated (you'll have to come and see) and posted the event on their Event Page!

Emailed 98.1 kiss fm and got an amazing response :

Hi Anne Marie,

How are you? Thanks for reaching out about your guys' upcoming fundraiser. To help get the word out about the event, I have your PSA set to go live on the Community Calendars of ALL of our station's websites from May 1 til May 31st, since the event is May 31st and we post our events one month prior to the specific date of the event. You can view the PSAs at the links below...PLUS they are giving me an on Air PSA spot for the event!! I am truly blessed








I hope they help and that the event is a success!


Rayna aka LadyRAY |On-Air Personality-KMEL | Community Engagement Director-CCSF
Thunder Press (http://calendar.thunderpress.net/event/the-robby-fund-2nd-annual-ride) I contacted Allison, who Manages the Calendar for Thunder Press and she offered to not only put it on line, but will have it in their next issue! This is just so Cool! This year is going to be AWESOME!!